Method I.T

I.T Provider

What we did:

  • branding
  • web design
  • web development


When we began working with Method, their IT offering was solid but masked behind a weak brand. Known at the time as SNC, they were delivering high-end, modern solutions to businesses across the country. Their expertise was clouded by their outdated website, which acted as a barrier to client acquisition.


After renaming them Method, we changed the face of the business, positioning them as the forward-thinking IT company they deserved to be recognised as. The range of services Method offered was vast and overwhelming, so we created a streamlined product called the ‘IT Landscape’, an all-encompassing package which could be tailored to the size and needs of any business. With a bespoke explanatory animation, we created a rich asset for the website and an engaging sales tool which could be used for digital marketing purposes.

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