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What we did:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Paid Media


When tasked with creating the This Girl Can campaign for Active Essex, we were set the long-term goal of reaching 1 million women in the county – of all ages – and encourage them to get involved and get active by 2020. Participation is being measured by attendance at a series of festivals consisting of one-day events across the county. This made it imperative that the digital strategy for this year’s events targeted the right people and engaged them in a way that did more than just ‘sell’ – it had to inspire them to get up and get involved.


The marketing campaign strategy was entirely digital and used a wide range of channels to reach the necessary audience. Capitalising on Facebook’s broad reach of age demographics was big part of this strategy. Paid ads, videos, and carousels were all utilised to promote the campaign on this platform. Bespoke website banners were also created, as were additional universal ads to further establish the This Girl Can brand and widen its reach. The result of this comprehensive approach was that 2018’s This Girl Can Festival became the most successful yet, putting Active Essex well on their way to achieving their long-term goal of 1 million participants.

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